This is a reminder that an 8 week course has just begun in ‘mindfulness based cognitive therapy’ (MBCT)at Bodywise Health Centre just off Brick Lane.

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) is “a systematic training to become more aware and mindful moment by moment of physical sensations, thoughts and emotions as aspects of our experience which move through our awareness and which are not necessarily the reality in any given moment.

Through mindfulness meditation you practise not attaching or reacting to these mental events and instead accepting and observing them without judgement. MBCT also puts emphasis on working with and understanding the psychological and cognitive aspects of our experience and it includes exercises from CBT.

The Course includes weekly class notes and recordings of led meditations.”

Although I’m not myself a cognitive therapist I do think Mindfulness – which is based on good-old meditation but without the spiritual overtones or affiliation – is a good thing and well worth trying, particularly if you are worried about your stress levels.

For more details and times look here.