There are regular MBCT courses happening at ‘Breathing Space‘, (a project focusing on mental-health and well-being, based at the London Buddhist Centre in Bethnal Green).¬†MBCT is the acronym for ‘mindfulness based cognitive therapy’. MBCT can be hugely helpful, if you suffer from anxiety or chronic stress. It can work alongside therapy or as a stand-alone training.

The intention is that through the MBCT course, you become more aware and mindful, moment by moment, of physical sensations, thoughts and emotions. In MBCT you practice allowing these feelings and thoughts to come into awareness and then letting them go. You note them, watch them arrive and then allow them to pass away, without latching hold of them or judging them.

Clearly this takes practice. But MBCT is an 8-week (approx) course. It involves breathing exercises, exercises from CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and there is group sharing and discussion.

Mindfulness itself can also can be transformative and it is something that I often recommend to my counselling clients. If you are interested in mindfulness but don’t want to go on a course, try one of the mindfulness apps, like Headspace. You need to put in regular daily time for mindfulness to really work, but it’s well worth it, particularly if you are worried about your anxiety or your stress levels.