Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing, meditation and mindfuness

You’re stressed out and anxious. There’s far too much to do. You make lists and wake up at night to add new items to your lists. The lists grow longer and longer. The more items you tick off,  the more there are, always impatient, prodding you. Get more done! Do it now! Drink coffee, get up at five, maximise your time. Burn yourself out.  (more…)

Fear of Flying

For many of us, the fear of flying is huge. The whole idea sends our stress hormones rocketing. We know that flying is meant to be safer than driving, that you’re more likely to have an accident negotiating the motorway turn-off, but still there’s something that just feels wrong about being up there that high in the sky.


Coping with Stress.

Life in London is increasingly full of stress. Many of us rush from home to work and back again and have to fit in family time, gym, social life with friends, paperwork, and housework into our limited free time. We are over-worked and tired out. We are desperately concerned about the state of the world, the environment, the economy. Just look at the stressed and anxious faces of people on the tube in the early morning!