Counselling and You


Perhaps you’ve been though a particularly difficult time.

You feel depressed.

Issues at work or home may have mounted up so you feel stressed out.

Or you want to explore why certain patterns repeat themselves in your life.

Above all you want to feel happier.


Some possible reasons you are depressed or anxious

  • You feel your partner doesn’t understand you.
  • You’ve been through such a difficult time.
  • You didn’t used to be like this.
  • You don’t understand why you feel like this.
  • It’s an ordeal to get out of bed in the morning and face the day ahead.
  • Sometimes your thoughts are so intense you lose track of where you are.
  • Anxiety is ruining your sex-life.
  • You only feel OK after you’ve had some drinks/ taken drugs.
  • You’re exhausted.
  • You can’t see the point of life – after all, we all die one day.
  • You can’t believe anything will ever change.
  • Nothing has been OK since your divorce/bereavement/accident.
  • Nothing you do works out.
  • You feel helpless/hopeless/down/isolated/scared.
  • No one understands you.
  • No one wants to listen to you.